Cotton Linen Fabrics - Cotton As You Know Is Natural Fiber From Plant And Is Cellulosic In Nature. Have Very Soft Comfort Feel And Good Body Heat Transmission. It Has Unique Properties Of Water Absorbing And Breathe. Linen Is A Natural Fiber Which Stems From The Flax Plant. It Uses Considerably Fewer Resources Than Cotton Or Polyester (Such As Water, Energy, Pesticides, Insecticides, Fertilizers). Linen Is Very Strong And Absorbent, And Dries Faster Than Cotton. This Is Unique Properties Of Linen And Cotton Fibers Made Us To Notice And Focus Our Designs Team And Marketing To Develop Its Fabric Range. We Weave Textures In Cotton Linen Fabrics Having Classic Gentleman Look With Total Comfort In Place. Our Dobby Fabrics Is Made With Fashion And Nature In View. We Make 25000 Designs Every Year To Appeal Our Wide Range Of Customers Including Cotton Linen Collections For Most Discerning Fashion Enthusiast.